Adult Faith Formation

In our Catholic Christian Journey each of us has been at one point a Seeker, a Disciple and/or an Apostle. We each began as “Seekers”: those seeking to know Who Christ is, what His Church is about, what it might mean to follow Him more actively and consciously. We continue to be seekers as we try to follow Him more closely. Our identity in Christ and our membership in His Family was given to us in our Baptism.

Now as adult members of His Family, the Church, we are called to take on the responsibility of nurturing those gifts that were given to us in our Baptism (e.g. Faith, Charisms, identity in Him as priest, prophet, king). As we take on the responsibility to learn more about Christ, His Church and how we can follow Him better, we become Disciples (e.g. one who sits at the feet of Jesus and learns). After a period of Discipleship (learning from Jesus), Jesus sends us out through His Church to become Apostles: those who are sent out into the world to spread His Mission and His Word.

At St. St. Philip Neri – St. Albert the Great Parish, we continually seek to grow in our understanding of the faith and who we are as seekers, disciples and apostles in Christ. In so doing, we are proactive about equipping ourselves with the tools of discipleship (e.g. prayer, scripture, Church Teaching, liturgies, & faith-sharing fellowship) so that we can be effective witnesses to Christ in our communities and our world. We seek to grow on our faith journey together as we delve more deeply into Church Teaching, Scripture, faith-sharing, fellowship and prayer.